The Kiso-ji Hike

Way back in the 17th, when Ieyasu Tokugawa set up his residence in Edo (that later would become Tokyo), he introduced a rule that all feudal lords had stay in Edo for some every year. To get to Edo from the south-west of Japan, people travelled along a road called Nakasendo, and part of this trail was known as Kiso-ji, the Kiso Road, after the river that runs in the valley. Along Kiso-ji there were a couple of post towns, and some post towns still remains today

Two of these post towns are Magome and Tsumago, and here you can get a glimpse of Japan of older days. Or so they say. I would say that these villages are quite typical tourist trap, and hardly worth the trip in their own regard. However, there is a trail that follows the old Kiso-ji, and this was a very nice walk through forest and small village. I first took the train from Nagoya to Nakatsugawa and then caught a bus to Magome. From there I walked to Tsumago, and then continued on a few more kilometres to Nagiso where I could take the train back to Nakatsugawa and Nagoya.

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1. Magome

2. Flower-bed

3. Fish in Danger

4. View from Magome I

5. View from Magome II

6. Start Kiso-ji

7. Bamboo by the Stairs

8. Past the Bushes

9. Next Village

10. Out in the Woods

11. Along a Brook

12. A Stream in the Forest

13. Shrubs

14. Waterfall

15. Pale Cherry Blossom

16. Hamlet

17. Miniature Garden

18. Rapids from Above

19. Bridge

20. One More Hamlet

21. Bridge and Ramshackle

22. A Beautiful Path

23. Cherries, Road and a Stream

24. Straw Horse

25. Tsumago

26. Park in Tsumago

27. Heading for Nagiso

28. A Fork in the Road

29. Walking by a House

30. Rapids

31. House and Mountain

32. Approaching Nagiso

33. Nagiso I

34. Nagiso II

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