Nagoya and Hakone

This site covers two unrelated places. Nagoya is the fourth biggest city and is a modern industrial city. Among other things, this is where you find the roots of Toyota. The guidebook was quite positive on Nagoya, but I'm less thrilled. I did not find it at all as exciting as Fukuoka. However, it is a good base for day excursion in the surrounding area.

Hakone is an area about one hour south of Tokyo with mountains, lakes and hot springs. It's a popular destination, and you can travel around Hakone with mountain railway, cable car, ropeway and spectacular ships. And for that matter with more prosaic buses. There are also trails for walkers. On my way back to Tokyo, I side-tracked to Hakone, but I did not stay the night. To wit, when I checked my standard site for hotel bookings the night before, I got no hits at all! It may be related to the fact that I was there a Saturday, and a lot of people from Tokyo go there over the weekend. All and all, it was so-so. I spent a bit too much of the day in transport. First some hours up from Nagoya, and then it took some time to get to the more interesting parts in Hakone.

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1. Nagoya Skyscraper

2. The Station Plaza

3. Sky Promenade I

4. Sky Promenade II

5. Sky Promenade III

6. Sky Promenade IV

7. The Castle Grounds

8. Nagoya Castle

9. City Hall

10. Tokugawa-en I

11. Tokugawa-en II

12. Sakae

13. TV Tower I

14. Sculpture

15. Crossing

16. Oasis 21

17. Escalator

18. TV Tower II

19. Footbridge

20. Avenue at Night

21. House in Red

22. House in Green

23. The Railway Towers

24. Railway Bridge

25. View from the Ropeway

26. Down on the Ground

27. Working Area

28. Owakudani

29. Pretty Birds

30. Ropeway

31. Sightseeing Boat I

32. Sightseeing Boat II

33. Lake beyond the Woods

34. Forest Path

35. Stone with Characters

36. Untidy Road

37. Lakeview Again

38. And Again

39. Liane

40. End of the Path

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