I had a request with me to Japan: my friend Greg from Australia wanted me to take some pictures from Fukuoka, as it was there the word kamikaze was born. Fukuoka is on the north of Kyushu, and on my way back from Aso I stopped by in Fukuoka before I heading by evening to my hotel i Hiroshima.

Fukuoka turned out to be a modern city with plenty of interesting architecture. The city also had a very nice atmosphere, and I have to say that I liked the place. (Thanks Greg!) Unfortunately, I missed the yatai stalls, where they serve noodles and other food from mobile street-kitchen, something which is not that common in Japan, but which Fukuoka is famous for.

What about kamikaze then? In the beginning of the 14th century, China was ruled by the Mongols that still wanted to expand their empire, and one of the targets was Japan. The point of attack was Fukuoka, and the Japanese defence went so-so. The situation started to look critical, but out of nowhere came a typhoon and wrecked the Mongol fleet. The wind was assumed to have been sent by the gods, and the term kamikaze, "divine wind" was born.

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1. Outside the Station

2. Back of Canal City

3. Footbridge

4. Kushida-jinja I

5. Kushida-jinja II

6. Kushida-jinja III

7. Kushida-jinja IV

8. The Anchor Stones

9. Gingko Tree

10. Shopping Mall

11. Floats?

12. T-shirts?

13. Over to Nakasu

14. Street Nakasu

15. Glassy House in Daylight

16. Nakasu Alley

17. Looking over Nakagawa

18. View over Nakagawa

19. View over Hakata-gawa

20. Canal City

21. House of Colours

22. Lane in Nishi-Nakasu

23. House in Nishi-Nakasu

24. European Building


26. Step Garden

27. Inside the Step Garden

28. Tenjin Central Park

29. Outlook from ACROS

30. Tenjin

31. Ohori-koen

32. Japanese Garden I

33. Japanese Garden II

34. Japanese Garden III

35. Japanese Garden IV

36. Japanese Garden V

37. Ohori-koen Again

38. Bird Islet

39. Towards the Tower

40. Fukuoka Tower

41. Inside the Tower

42. Tower Outlook I

43. Tower Outlook II

44. Tower Outlook III

45. Tower Outlook IV

46. Tower Outlook V

47. Tower Outlook VI

48. Cranes

49. Street Nakasu II

50. Glassy House in Neon Lights

51. Night Alley in Nakasu

52. Naka-gawa by Night

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