Kurashiki and the Kibi Plain Bicycle Road

Kurashiki is a city 15 minutes by train from Okayama, and its biggest attraction is the Bikan area, which is a kind of a "old town". To be honest, this was not a highlight on my trip, and left Kurashiki after lunch. But things got better. I took the local train for two stations to Soja where I rented a bike for 1000 and then rode along the Kibi plain bicycle road which took me along the countryside past temples, burial mounds and acres. I then returned the bicycle on another train station and from there go back to Okayama. The distance is some 15 km, although my trip was a little longer as I lost my ways a few times.

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1. Alley in Kurashiki

2. The Ohashi House

3. The Ohashi House II

4. The Bikan Area I

5. The Bikan Area II

6. The Bikan Area III

7. The Bikan Area IV

8. The Bikan Area V

9. Pizza Baker?

10. The Bikan Area VII

11. The Temple Hill

12. View from the Temple Hill

13. Tivoli

14. Bell Tower I

15. Bell Tower II

16. Soja

17. First Stop

18. The Kibi Plain I

19. The Kibi Plain II

20. Bitchu Kokubun-ji

21. Around Bitchu Kokubun-ji I

22. Around Bitchu Kokubun-ji II

23. On the Road Again

24. Countryside Houses

25. Birds on the River

26. Mirrored Bridges

27. Kibi-Plain Village

28. Mirrored Cars

29. Village Temple

30. Pine over Pond

31. Kibitsu-jinja I

32. Kibitsu-jinja II

33. Kibitsu-jinja III

34. Funny Bridge

35. Raking Gravel

36. Hill with Cherry Trees

37. Bird by Canal

38. Kibitsuhiko-jinja

39. Old Tree

40. Kibitsuhiko-jinja III

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