Himeji and Okayama

I finally left Kyoto and continued westwards with Shinkansen. I first made a stop-over in Himeji, which boats one of the most famous castles, with an ambitious Japanese garden next door. After a couple of hours I hopped on the train again, now heading for Okayama, which hosts a garden that ranked as one of the top three in Japan.

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1. Avenue in Himeji

2. ¿Que?

3. Himeji Castle

4. The Castle II

5. Corridor

6. The Castle III

7. Tapestry

8. Shrine

9. Caste Outlook I

10. Castle Outlook II

11. Castle Outlook III

12. Himeji-jo Koko-en I

13. Himeji-jo Koko-en II

14. Himeji-jo Koko-en III

15. Okayama

16. Okayama Castle

17. Cherry Blossom by the River

18. Korakuen I

19. Korakuen II

20. Korakuen III

21. Korakuen IV

22. Korakuen V

23. Korakuen VI

24. Korakuen VII

25. Korakuen VIII

26. Korakuen IX

27. Bridge

28. Church

29. Clock

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