The First Days in Tokyo

These pictures are from my first two days in Tokyo, when wandered around a bit aimlessly while I tried to adapt to the new time zone. It was not overly warm these days, below 10 degrees.

There is another sub-site from Tokyo, A Sunday in Tokyo, and that one is more interesting.

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1. Street Scene

2. The Imperial Plaza

3. Nijubashi I

4. Nijubashi II

5. The Moat

6. Hibiya-koen

7. Pigeon

8. One More Street

9. Ginza Crossing

10. Fašade in Ginza

11. Ginza by Night

12. Ginza by Night II

13. Old Railway Station

14. Neon Sign

15. Higashi Gyoen I

16. Higashi Gyoen II

17. Higashi Gyoen III

18. Kitanomaru Koen

19. Artist in Action

20. Kitanomaru Koen III

21. Tower

22. Flower sale

23. Yakusuni-jinja

24. Yakusuni-jinja II

25. Yakusuni-jinja III

26. Unified architecture?

27. Akihabara

28. Ueno Park

29. Cherry-blossom Picnic

30. Waterfowl

31. Zeppelin

32. Tokyo Tower

33. View from Tokyo Tower

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