33. Blue, White and Black

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At the end of the road, I continued up with the cabin car, whereupon the last strech went with 4WD mini-busses that took us to an altitude of almost 3000 metres. There we were welcomed by some guides that took us on a short trip around some craters that arose during the eruptions a couple of years ago.

Up there, the sun was even more brilliant, but it was very windy, and it wasn't very warm. The ground was black from ash and lava. And between the black ash and the blue sky, the white clouds came rolling in from the sea further below. You could see how the clouds tried to invade the mountain slope, but how they lost the battle against the black surface. It was a special thing to see.

There is a white spot in the black area. It's one of the mini-buses. Download the picture, open it in a picture-processing program and increase brightness to about the max, and you will see a road!