The Alpilles

6. Hole in the Mountain

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Chaîne des Alpilles is a small mountain range, some 20-30 km northwest of Arles. The peaks are not that high, maybe 500 metres, but there are some steep cliffs here. Two of my days in Arles, I went to the small town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence which is at the foot of the range. On my first day I had not gotten hold of any map, and I had to move around on gut feeling. I had the idea to walk across the range to another village, but I changed my mind when the path proved to be more difficult than I had expected. (And it was lucky I did, because the time table where I had found a bus was only valid in summer!)

I had only walked a small stretch in the forest, and I had about decided to turn back, but I pushed on for one more rock. Then I was that the path led down, through a hole in the mountain.