(Donibane Luitzun)

I left Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to go another Saint-Jean, Saint-Jean-de-Luz which also is in the Basque lands. De-Luz is on a sheltered bay and a popular beach resort. I was interested in following the Sentier Littoral along the coast down to Hendaye on the border to Spain, and then the next day make a day trip to San Sebastián in Spain. But I had to cancel the latter part of the plan, due to lack of good rail connections on the French side. (Which in its turn was due to a strike and work along the tracks.) So I did the Sentier Littoral on Sunday as this well, but in the other direction from de-Luz.

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1. Elegant Building

2. The Beach

3. The Beachfront

4. La Nivelle

5. Ciboure I

6. Ciboure II

7. Ciboure III

8. Fort de Socoa

9. La Corniche I

10. La Corniche II

11. La Corniche III

12. La Corniche IV

13. La Corniche V

14. La Corniche VI

15. Violet flowers

16. La Corniche VII

17. Blue Flowers

18. La Corniche VIII

19. Even More Blue Flowers

20. La Corniche IX

21. La Corniche X

22. La Corniche XI

23. La Corniche XII

24. Château d'Abbadie

25. La Corniche XIII

26. Blossoming Tree

27. Grand Hôtel

28. The Beachfront at Night

29. Main Square

30. Houses on La Nivelle

31. Over the Rooftops

32. Saint-Jean-de-Luz I

33. Saint-Jean-de-Luz II

34. Saint-Jean-de-Luz III

35. Saint-Jean-de-Luz IV

36. Saint-Jean Baptiste I

37. Saint-Jean Baptiste II

38. Saint-Jean Baptiste III

39. Point de Ste-Barbe

40. Bay Entrance

41. Giant Hedge

42. Sentier Littoral I

43. Sentier Littoral II

44. Fin de zone

45. Sentier Littoral IV

46. Sentier Littoral V

47. Sentier Littoral VI

48. Board Swimmers

49. Sentier Littoral VIII

50. White Flowers

51. Sentier Littoral IX

52. Sentier Littoral X

53. Sentier Littoral XI

54. Le Sélect

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