(Donibane Garazi)

Way back in 2000 when I was on vacation, I spent a day and a half in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (known as Donibane Garazi in Basque), and I was very pleased with it. The small town is very nicely situated by the foothills of the Pyrenees, and I got the impression that there are plenty of excursion options in the area. This time I stayed for five wonderfully lazy days. That is, they were lazy from an intellectual point of view. But all days offered physical activity with walks or bicycle tours. I was kind of interested of renting a car, since there appears to be some spectacular natural sights in the close surroundings. But there is no car rental in Saint-Jean, and I just could not muster the energy to rent a car in Bayonne and drive to Saint-Jean - it's only 60 km. Did I say that it was lazy?

There are over 100 pictures from Saint-Jean and the surroundings, and many of them are of the same landscape - or at least the same type of landscape - so there is not very much text. Just browse and enjoy!

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Morning Day 1

1. Rolling In

2. Nive Downstream

3. Nive Upstream

4. House in the Morning Fog

5. The Citadel

6. View from the Citadel I

7. View from the Citadel II

8. View from the Citadel III

9. View from the Citadel IV

10. View from the Citadel V

11. The Rapids of Rive

12. The Man and his Dog

13. Bridge to Dive From

14. Old Town
Afternoon Day 1

15. Towards Arrodoy

16. Beautiful Tree

17. Church Ispoure

18. View over Saint-Jean

19. View towards the Mountains

20. Green Grass and White Mountains

21. Up the Hill

22. View over Saint-Jean II

23. Another Valley

24. Lizard

25. Lizard closeup

26. Horses

27. Landscape with Blue Car

28. Close to the Top

29. View from the Peak

30. Pyrenean Landscape

31. Oh, what a Party!

32. Terraces

33. Landscape

34. The Cycling Shepherd
Day 2

35. The Railroad

36. Another Railroad

37. Ascending Jara I

38. Ascending Jara II

39. Ascending Jara III

40. Ascending Jara IV

41. Ascending Jara V

42. Ascending Jara VI

43. Ascending Jara VII

44. Ascending Jara VIII

45. Ascending Jara IX

46. White Flowers

47. Blue Flower

48. Jara

49. On the Top

50. Descending Jara I

51. Descending Jara II

52. Dandelions

53. Descending Jara III

54. Sheep

55. Blue and Yellow Flowers

56. Maroon Rock

57. Descending Jara IV

58. Descending Jara V

59. Descending Jara VI

60. Descending Jara VII

61. Small Blue Flowers

62. Descending Jara VIII

63. Saint-Jean from a Distance

64. House on a Hill

65. Fronton

66. Church, Ascarat

67. Inside the Church

68. The Road to Lasse

69. Down to the River!

70. Hens

71. Rapids at Night
Day 3

72. It's Raining

73. The Old Town

74. The Graveyard in Lasse

75. Around Lasse I

76. Around Lasse II

77. Around Lasse III

78. Around Lasse IV

79. Around Lasse V

80. Around Lasse VI

81. Around Lasse VII

82. Around Lasse VIII

83. Around Lasse IX

84. Horses in a Grove

85. Around Lasse XI

86. Around Lasse XII

87. Around Lasse XIII

88. Around Lasse XIV

89. Bell-Horses

90. Small Violet Flowers

91. Around Lasse XV

92. Rill

93. Around Lasse XVII
Day 4

94. Tour de la Vallée I

95. Tour de la Vallée II

96. White Flowers

97. Saint-Jean-le-Vieux I

98. Saint-Jean-le-Vieux II

99. Tour de la Vallée III

100. Tour de la Vallée IV

101. Lac d'Harriéta

102. Funny Little House

103. Tour de la Vallée VII

104. Church Magdeleine

105. Mrs Goat

106. Mr Goat

107. Goat Jr

108. Old-town Gardens
Day 5

109. Lazy Dogs in Çaro

110. To the Source of Nive I

111. To the Source of Nive II

112. To the Source of Nive III

113. To the Source of Nive IVa

114. To the Source of Nive IVb

115. To the Source of Nive IVc

116. Estérençuby

117. To the Source of Nive V

118. To the Source of Nive VI

119. Bull on the Bridge

120. The Source? I

121. The Source? II

122. The Source? III

123. The Source? IV

124. The Source? V

125. The Source? VI

126. Mountain House I

127. Mountain House II

128. Pig

129. A Final Landscape

130. The Citadel Again

131. Stone Bridge in the Dark

132. Rue d'Espagne

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