Four Cities on Two Days
Toulouse, Auch, Pau and Bayonne

I was in no hurry to the Basque Lands and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port for two reasons: 1) The weather forecast for the next two days predicted dull weather, after which it would clear up. 2) I saw a risk that a place like Saint-Jean could be packed during Easter. Instead I spent Easter Eve and Easter Sunday to see no less than four cities i two days. I will have to admit that when I came to Bayonne I had it about up to here.

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1. Rue de Rémusat

2. Capitole

3. Place du Capitole

4. Auch

5. Old Town

6. Tour d'Armagnac

7. Cathedral Window

8. Small Altar

9. Square

10. Parking Lot

11. Old Houses

12. The Magnificent Hedge

13. The Magnificent Hedge II

14. View over Auch

15. Toulouse-Matabiau

16. Bridge over Garonne

17. Bridge over Garonne II

18. Place du Capitole

19. Capitole Again

20. The Funicular

21. Boulevard des Pyrenées

22. The Château I

23. The Château II

24. Outside the Castle

25. Chemin de Hedas

26. View over Pau

27. Blossoming Trees

28. Nive

29. The Cathedral

30. Street in Grand Bayonne

31. Window Shutters

32. In the Basque Lands

33. Petit Bayonne

34. Binge Drinking

35. Bayonne by Night

36. Bridge over Adour

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