Carcassonne and Canal du Midi

Carcassonne is one the most famous tourist destinations in France with its Cité, and when I said I was going to the south of France, several persons recommended me to go to Carcassonne. As it was on my route from Arles to the Basque lands, it seemed natural to stop by and tick it off the list.

Carcassonne consists of two parts: Ville Basse on the west bank of the river Aude, which is the modern centre of the town, and Cité, the medieval fortress on the hilltop on the other side of Aude. Ville Basse is also old: it stems from the 13th century, when the people living in the Cité were not permitted to stay there. During the centuries that followed, the Cité decayed more and more, but when the government wanted to raze it to the ground in the middle of the 19th century, this sparked reactions. Instead, the Cité was duefully restored under the leadership of Viollet-le-Duc. It was not only a restoration - he added a few things extra to make it a little too perfect. Nevertheless, it's the Cité that draws people to Carcassonne from near and afar.

Carcassonne is on the Canal du Midi which invites to lazy excursions - and personally I found that a better experience than the Cité.

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1. Place Carnot

2. Ville Basse Street Scene

3. Porte des Jacobins

4. Church

5. Square Gambetta

6. Cité across the Aude

7. Old House

8. Right Outside

9. Cité Street Scene

10. Cité Square

11. A Quiet Space

12. Château Comtal

13. View over Ville Basse

14. Dog in the Backyard

15. Yard with Sculptures

16. View over the Cité

17. Castle View

18. Another Cité View

19. Cité House

20. The Fields

21. Cité from a Distance

22. Out on the Country

23. Flowers

24. Porte Narbonnaise

25. Pont Neuf

26. Direct Light

27. Canal du Midi, part 1

28. Canal du Midi II

29. Mirrored Trees

30. Mountain View

31. Funny House

32. Trompe d'œil

33. Aude Rapids

34. Another Funny House

35. Canal du Midi, part 2

36. Canal du Midi V

37. Canal du Midi VI

38. Canal du Midi VII

39. Canal du Midi VIII

40. Canal du Midi IX

41. Lock Gate I

42. Lock Gate II

43. Canal du Midi XII

44. Canal du Midi XIII

45. Canal du Midi XIV

46. House in Orange

47. Cité Slight Return

48. Aude

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