Arles with surroundings

Arles is a city almost 100 km west of Marseilles, about 30 km from the Mediterranean Sea. The city existed already in Roman times, and there are plenty of remains from those days. The old town has a medieval street plan with winding streets and narrow alleys. Beside the town itself, there is plenty to see in the vicinity, both cultural and natural sights. One day I went out to La Camargue, the area south of Arles, between the two arms of the Rhône. For two days in a row I went to the small town Saint-Rémy-en-Provence to see the town itself, but most of all walk in the small mountain chain the Alpilles. On my way from Saint-Rémy I had to go over Avignon, which gave me the opportunity to see this city where the popes reigned for almost 100 years. Arles itself I was able to explore in the mornings before I caught a bus around lunch-time.

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1. Just Arrived

2. Hôtel de Ville

3. The Cathedral

4. Alley I

5. Alley II

6. View over Rhône

7. Ruins

8. Café la Nuit

9. Night Alley

10. Hôtel de Ville again

11. The Amphitheatre I

12. The Amphitheatre II

13. The Amphitheatre III

14. View from the Amphitheatre

15. Théâtre Antique I

16. Théâtre Antique II
La Camargue

17. Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

18. Hôtel de Ville

19. The Beach Walk

20. La Camargue I

21. La Camargue II

22. La Camargue III

23. La Camargue IV

24. La Camargue V

25. La Camargue VI

26. La Camargue VII

27. La Camargue VIII

28. Kitsch
Saint-Rémy and the Alpilles

29. Naked Trees

30. Old Town Saint-Rémy

31. Old Town II

32. Market Day Saint-Rémy

33. Les Antiques

34. Glanum

35. Les Alpilles I

36. Through the Mountain

37. Lac des Peiroou I

38. Lac des Peiroou II

39. Lac des Peiroou III

40. Lac des Peiroou IV

41. Lac des Peiroou V

42. The Path Back

43. Vegetation in the Alpilles

44. Porte St-Michel

45. Palais des Papes

46. Palais des Papes II

47. Street in Old Town

48. Rue de la République
The Alpilles Again

49. The Alpilles II

50. The Alpilles III

51. The Alpilles IV

52. The Alpilles V

53. The Alpilles VI

54. The Alpilles VII

55. Horse on Pasture

56. Contrasts

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