28. Gaylord Texan Resort

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At the end of September I went for an SQL conference in Dallas. Or more precisely at Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, which is on Lake Grapevine, a twenty-minute drive from Dallas itself. It's a huge complex. The hotel part has maybe 2000 rooms, and the convention centre can host several big events at the same time.The hotel part is built around an atrium, covered by a glass cupola. The atrium has faked rivers, canyons, and a garden with real and not-so-real plants. The whole place has a very artificial feeling to it. And permit me to say: it felt very Usanian. But admittedly there was a point: you could move within this huge complex without getting to the real out-doors, where the temperature reached as high as 38 C. Nevertheless, I sometimes went out the heat, because the place was just too much.