Argentina and Chile 2017

I have escaped the dark and cold Swedish winter for two summer months in Argentina and Chile. The ambition is that I will upload pictures here as the trip proceeds. We'll see how that works in practice. Don't expect pictures every day!

For each new batch there will be a new subsite in the list below. (That is, once a site has been uploaded, it will not be modified.) Eventually there might be a best-off summary on this very page here, but that may not happen until I come home.

  1. Pampas. Flat as a pancake, or? (30 pictures.)
  2. From Sierra Grande to Puerto Deseado. A study in monotony. (17 pictures.)
  3. Los Bosques Petrificados. The mysteries of the petrified forest. (33 pictures.)
  4. Los Miradores de Darwin. A hidden but marvellous panorama point. (22 pictures.)
  5. Ría Deseado. Up along the flooded estuary from Puerto Deseado. (54 pictures.)
  6. Perito Moreno & Los Antiguos. Two small Patagonian towns. (19 pictures.)
  7. Going to La Cueva de las Manos. Sometimes the road to the sight is better than the sight itself. (38 pictures.)
  8. Ruta 40. Pictures from the bus going along the legendary RN40. (24 pictures.)
  9. Glacier Perito Moreno A glacier that is not receding and which can be studied from a close distance. (25 pictures.)
  10. Estancia Cristina and Glacier Upsala. (33 pictures.)
  11. El Calafate. Itself not much of a thrill, but a gateway to glaciers and adventures. (22 pictures.)
  12. Puerto Natales. I'm moving over to Chile. (20 pictures.)

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