Argentina and Chile 2017

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Stockholm is a wonderful place – in summertime. But in wintertime it's just dreadful. I decided that I had enough and that I deserved something better. So on the third last day of 2016, I embarked on a flight to Buenos Aires and I stayed in South America for eight weeks.

Not unexpectedly, this resulted in tons of photos. This time, I tried something new. Rather than waiting until I came home to compile all the photos, I compiled and uploaded sets of pictures as the trip went on. To save some time I did not write a lot of text to all pictures (only some :-), and I did not even care to name all of them, but I simply used the filename from the camera. When I came home, I composed a summary set.

In total there are no less than 36 sets. The first is the summary with, give and take a little, one picture per day. The remaining sets cover specific places or themes. In the list below, I have grouped sets that are from a common area, or are excursions from a base that I kept for a couple of days.

If you followed this site while pictures were being added, you should know that I have only made minor changes to the original text, and I have not made any modifications or the original selection of pictures.

Here is a list of all the sets

The diary. A summary of the trip with roughly one picture per day – sort of best of! (63 pictures.)



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