Stockholm 2006

Pictures from summer 2006 (and one winter picture and two spring-time pictures) from Stockholm and its surroundings. The first are mainly from the forests and lakes around town. The series closes with six views over Stockholm itself.

Svensk version

1. New Year

2. Islet in Källtorpsjön

3. Beaver Party

4. Långsjön

5. Flowers by the Lake Shore

6. Blue Butterfly I

7. Blue Butterfly II

8. Pines on Rocky Ground

9. Bad Prospects

10. Swamp

11. Looking Forward

12. Looking Backward

13. Open Tree Trunk

14. Ådalskvarn

15. Bumble Bee, Butterfly and Clover

16. Blue Dragon-Fly

17. Middle Marviken

18. Millsjön

19. Mystery Towers I

20. Mystery Towers II

21. Mystery Tower II

22. Läggesta Station

23. View from Fåfängan I

24. View from Fåfängan II

25. View from Fåfängan III

26. View from Fåfängan IV

27. View from Fåfängan V

28. View from Fåfängan VI

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